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The illustration originates from Daniela Sanziani's project, "Prompt d'Artista: Steal the Job from AI," which aims to draw attention to the use of artificial intelligence in the creative world, particularly in illustration.

Over the past 15 years, Daniela has had the pleasure and fortune of working with many illustrators in the editorial field, both Italian and international, and she believes their work is still irreplaceable in many aspects. What she values most is the exchange of ideas and interpretations of a brief to achieve the best result both from the perspective of art direction and the artist's vision.

She then wondered what would happen if the roles were reversed, with AI creating a brief that the artist must illustrate, without the possibility of further interaction with the client.

The results of this project, in which I participated, are published every Monday on the Instagram channel, in collaboration with all the artists involved. Here you can see mine.


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